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     There once was a girl who was more darkness than she was light. She was consumed by that which cannot be seen but pierced the soul on the inside. She wore a beautiful mask on the outside that she decorated herself in order to distract from the contrary on the inside. On the inside, she was dying, being eaten up by this heavy weighted blanket that also created a film she perceived life through. This film, this darkly painted Illusion created a lot of hurt, pain and suffering towards herself and to others. This girl I speak of is me.

     Through my eyes my past is probably a lot different than what others viewed of me as I was very ‘successful’ on the outside- a high achiever. This included winning saddles, buckles, achieving a 4.0 GPA in university; I thought I could find happiness solely in accomplishments. I thought that if I were the best at something, then only then would I be considered qualified to be worthy of love. Of course I did not know that this fluffy thing called love was what I was chasing, all I knew was to push myself harder, faster, and further. One achievement after another only gave me temporary joy and I eventually even withheld joy, pride, and a sense of success from myself even when accomplishing the most outrageous feats, all because I felt not good enough.

     This is a common misconception that haunts the majority of humans on our planet. That is that we are not good enough. Anything that we are lacking in life and that we cannot seem to obtain, is because we consciously or unconsciously believe deep down that we do not deserve it or we are not worthy of such things. At the end of it all, we are all searching for the same thing: love, self-acceptance, peace and freedom to release our true and full selves from the chains that we hold the key to. No one can determine your happiness but you.

     After suffering the majority of my life from depression and anxiety and then being able to heal the largest and darkest pieces in my soul, my only desire and hope now is to be a beacon of light to you to help you find our own light within. I am eternally grateful for all the Angels and Guides that have shown up on my journey to lead me to where I am now. They helped me realize that my fate, my destiny, and my happiness all reside within me, just as your fate, destiny, and happiness reside within you.

     If it feels right within you, allow me to take you on a journey down a path where the scents are stronger, the sounds are purer, the sights are brighter, and the feelings are serene. Where you look up and see the light of a firefly dancing around you leaving a golden trail of shimmering light. You reach up with your palm up and gently guide this light back into your lantern where it belongs. As you do so, you feel this loving energy flow freely throughout your entire physical and spiritual body.










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  • Registered Nurse Bachelor of Nursing (RN BN)

  • Holistic Nurse Baccalaureate-Board Certified (HNB-BC)

  • Certified Canfield Trainer in The Success Principles

  • Certified Equine Massage Therapist

  • Gold Medal for highest academic achievement in  the faculty of Health Science at the University of Lethbridge 2013

  • Equine raindrop therapy

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