Kimberly Derkach, RN, BSN, earned her degree in Nursing from the University of Saskatchewan, where she is now a Nursing faculty member and Instructor.
Kim's nursing experience has been specialized in the areas of neuroscience, neurosurgery, education, special needs, pediatrics, caregiving, geriatrics, chronic care, and mental health and wellness.
Through both personal health challenges and her nursing experience, Kim became passionate about holistic health and sharing her story through mental health advocacy, grief empowerment, and holistic healing modalities as they have completely enhanced her life. She learned to heal her body, mind and spirit by balancing her work life, spending time in nature, nourishing her body and implementing daily breath, meditation, mindfulness, gratitude, faith and energy based practices.
Kim believes that in order for true healing to occur one must consider all levels of healing; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. At times when one aspect is out of balance all areas may suffer.

From this integrated approach, she assists others to build self-compassion, resiliency and embrace their own story. As a Nurse Kim recognizes that every illness has a story, but that we also always have the opportunity to rewrite our story. Together we can support each other as we grow and heal. Community is powerful medicine.

  • Registered Nurse – Faculty member & Instructor at the College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan, & Faculty member & Student Coach at The Canadian Institute of Integrative Nursing Development & Education

  • Education Officer of the Canadian Holistic Nurses Association

  • Mental Health Advocate - co-Founder of The Life is Worth Living Way

  • Certified Reiki Master

  • Certified Medical Intuitive

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Keynote Presentation #1: Life in HD

Sherri Botti BSCN, RN, CEC 

has been a Registered Nurse since 1989 and obtained her BScN from the University of Alberta. She has always had an uncanny ability to follow her internal guidance system [gut instinct, intuition] and she believes that every individual has the capacity to do the same. She believes that intuition in general, is simply something we can all learn to tune in to and to trust. In her nursing career, Sherry has always trusted her intuition in her work with patients and colleagues.

Sherry’s Mission: To empower others to know that they have all the answers within; all that is necessary is to tune in and LISTEN.Sherry is also an Executive Coach, [Royal Roads University in 2012], and a Holistic Nutritionist [CSNN, 2002]. She has a deep belief that if we listen to our bodies, and our own inner wisdom, we will be able to discern the next action steps to get us where we want to go. She would like to be able to assist you to open up these skills for yourself and is eager to share ideas, tools and strategies to help empower you to live the life you were meant to live. She believes that every individual is meant to live a life filled with happiness, health, inner peace and abundance.

Sherry has a deep love of animals, nature and the mountains. She is motivated to travel and explore whenever she can. Her love of humanity and her desire to empower others to be the best they can be is what excites her in her work every single day. She firmly believes in the interconnectedness of all things; what we do to heal ourselves, we do for others!

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Keynote Presentation #2: You Inner Guidance System - Tuning In!

Confidence & Self Love Coach Kayla Marie  is a Certified Access Bars Practitioner, Professional Photographer and Confidence Coach for women. Working in the health care field for 13 years has given her a broader perspective of holistic health and wellness. Her drive to grow and evolve contributed to her journey in studying and practicing in the self-development arena for over a decade.

Kayla combines this unique skill sets to empower other women to quit worrying about what other people think, so they can show up & shine in their lives with purpose and passion.

Her talent for writing and her story of triumph over bullying, death, divorce, and poor self image has inspired many people around the world to experience the peace, joy and happiness that comes with true self-love and acceptance.

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Keynote Presentation #3: Beyond the Body

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