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It's All About Perspective

As I say to my husband "you can pick up your towel and hang it up!" He replies, "...I guess it could dry hanging up." I just had to laugh.

Sometimes that's just what we have to do- laugh at the differences life presents us. Look at the Yin and the Yang, the Good and the Bad, the Light and the Dark to get true perspective. Sometimes we get frustrated because we want people to see things the way we see them and yet in some cases they have the complete opposite perspective! Laughing at our circumstances and the complexities in life we find ourselves in is a 'healthful' way of living.

Most of our worldview is created at a very young age. How we perceive the world, the people around us, and most importantly what kind of world we live in. Is it a safe place? Are you feel free to express your authenticity? Is it a place where you can trust others to be genuine?

The more perspectives we can generate, the more lenses we try on, the greater our understanding of the world around us.

Who's shoes are you willing to step into? Who's perspective are you willing to share simply for the meaning of connection?

Will you allow yourself to broaden your mind? To allow your creativity to shine?

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