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Inner Sanctuary

"You Reap What You Sew, What You Water Grows"

Have you ever caught yourself searching for the peace and happiness you crave in the external world? Either through success, financial achievement, relationships, other people's perspectives of us, distractions, 'numbing out' and so on. How often do you turn outside of yourself for gratification, and how often do you turn inward?

'Inner Work' will make your 'Outter Work' run a lot smoother. You will notice shifts in how your day goes, by how your day begins. This is instrumental. And there is a simple solution.

Meditation. Meditate every morning at least 10 minutes for 30 days. If you feel like taking this one step further, journal after you meditate. Once you have completed these 30 days send me an email and let me know what changes you experienced physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. (You will know this by writing in your journal how you are feeling after mediating each day and any insights you gained.)

There are lots of different ways to meditate. There are many apps available or You Tube also has some create free material. Check out the Resource tab at the top of the page to find some great tracks to start out with. If you want an extra challenge, listen to the same mediation for 30 days in a row.

Top 3 Elements to a Magnificent Morning Meditation

1) Gratitude. Gratitude calibrates you to your natural highest vibration, so make sure to include gratitude in your meditation. Doing 20 "Thank-You's" while allowing yourself to openly give and receive gratitude from your heart center before your meditation will 'prime your pump'.

2) Sensation. Incorporate as much sensory information into your meditation as possible to cultivate your sense of mindfulness and awareness. You can do this by observing your breath and most importantly while you do your visualization.

3) Visualization. View yourself from 'your eyes' going through your day exactly as you want it to play out. After that, visualize any goals and dreams you have, making sure to incorporate ++sensation!

With a great meditation practice one can learn to calm the mind enough to create an Inner Sanctuary where you can come to rest and rejuvenate. Your Inner Sanctuary grows in response to how much you nurture it.

Don't forget to email me with any updates as you complete this challenge, you won't disappointed! The best tool that you have in life and the only one that will never leave you no matter what, is Yourself.


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