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Ignite the Light Within

Healthier workplaces, healthier communities,

a brighter future.


The LanternTL’s mission is to empower, inspire and transform individual Health Care Professionals (HCP’s) and organizational culture by optimizing strategies to reduce burnout, compassion fatigue, secondary stress and Post Traumatic Stress Injuries (PTSI).

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To enhance collaboration, efficiency, and synergy through the health care experience in order to improve quality patient care, increase public safety, and optimize positive individual health care worker's experience.

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  • Reduce incidence of secondary stress, compassion fatigue, burnout, and PTSI in the health care workforce.

  • Promote recruitment and retention of HCP’s to their perspective professions.

  • Improve quality patient care by enhancing the workforce’s engagement, awareness, and communication in their profession.

  • Provide practices to promote psychologically safe workplaces meeting the Mental Health Commissions of Canada (MHCC) National Standard

  • Provide health care professional educational competency requirement opportunities.

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Twyla Lehmann, Program Coordinator

East Central Alberta, Canada

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