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Re-Ignited Keynote

Post-Pandemic burnout, staffing crisis, massive increase in overtime, increased patient safety concerns, decreased quality of care, extensive wait times, hospital and emergency departure closures, low retention of both direct care providers and management… What's next?  How much more can the system take? What is the solution? Recruitment from already short staffed and strained health care systems and graduating more nurses are just a couple options being currently discussed. These proposed solutions have implications financially, ethically, and have a delayed impact.

94% of nurses are currently experiencing burnout. 60% of nurses want to leave their jobs. 1/3 of nurses are dissatisfied with their career choice. 50% reported their mental health was worse than a year ago. Vacancies nearly doubled in the health-care sector over 2 years.


We are truly hemorrhaging our hero’s. Compounding worldwide workforce shortage and further burnout of current staff could be the breaking point in our already crumbling system.

Re-Ignited is an opportunity to provide Professional Development Training while also saying “Thank-You for all you do” to our local heroes. By taking care of our Health Care Professionals,  they can continue to take care of us and our society as a whole.

The 3 R's of Re-Ignited


Recognize your current staff for all that they have been through and all that they are going through. By having staff attend Re-Ignited they will find that spark of why they went into health care to begin with. After attending Re-Ignited employees will feel valued, appreciated, and more likely to contribute to a positive work culture.


Re-Ignited guides participants to reconnect with themselves, their purpose, and each other in a time that has never felt more fragmented. By providing a safe place to share and to hear other HCP’s stories, your team will strengthen their connection, communication, compassion, empathy, and enhance cohesiveness as a whole.​


The impact of isolation during the pandemic has had a massive impact on the health and well being of society as a whole, but to an even greater extent on our HCP’s. In a recent survey, 50% of nurses reported their mental health was worse than a year ago. When employees feel valued, appreciated, and acknowledged, they are more likely to thrive in their place of work, rather than want to escape it.

On the other hand, when employees feel valued for the work that they are tirelessly committed to, especially in times of great difficulty, they are more likely to survive and contribute, rather than leave the profession as a whole.  The Lantern TL provides a solution that is aimed at reducing the economic impact of the current workforce shortage and improving retention of HCP’s in their respective careers by providing the recognition and appreciation they deserve.


Re-ignited is a 90 minute interactive keynote that is both motivational and inspiring. Twyla takes the participant on a journey of self-reflection of why they first decided to work in health care, lessons they have learned, discover and connect to their core value, and then create a new intention of who they want to be as a HCP and how they want to show up.

Included in this unique motivational training:

  • 90 minute motivational presentation

  • Interactive worksheets

  • 25 complimentary Burnout First Aid Kits valued at $100 + each

    • Locally sourced by 6 Health Care Professional’s across Alberta (4 nurses, 1 HCA, and 1 EMT/Instructor)

    • Additional Burnout First Aid Kits available if requested in a timely manner.

  • Access to free online resources through

  • Certificate of Attendance

  • Door Prizes!

What Participants Are Saying...
General Feedback

Very great presentation...I needed this to move forward

What what the most impactful part of the presentation?

The original intention gift box - it was grounding and really did help allow for the personal pause.

What what the most impactful part of the presentation?

I really appreciated the whole session. I valued the opportunities for self reflection. Thanks for the amazing box. Im happy to have the loving kindness script. Its honestly life changing.

If this is something that speaks to you please check availability by filling out the booking inquiry linked below. You will also receive a custom quote.

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