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Staff Appreciation

When employees feel valued for the work that they are tirelessly committed to, especially in times of great difficulty, they are more likely to survive and contribute, rather than leave the profession as a whole.


The Lantern TL provides a solution that is aimed at reducing the economic impact of the current workforce shortage and improving retention of HCP’s in their respective careers by providing the recognition and appreciation they deserve.

Re-Ignited is an opportunity to provide Professional Development Training while also saying “Thank-You for all you do” to our local heroes. By taking care of our Health Care Professionals,  they can continue to take care of us and our society as a whole.

Burnout First Aid Kits

Meet our Contributors

Our Burnout Fist Aid Kits are specifically designed with the Health Care Professional in mind. Out kits come with many resiliency tools for the health care provider to tap into when they notice they are first experiencing the symptoms of burnout and compassion fatigue. 

Our kits are locally sourced with a total of 6 health care providers graciously contributing to our Burnout First Aide Kits! Many of the items are delicately hand made with the HCP in mind.


Jessica Mose

Red Deer County, Alberta Canada

Prairie Soap Shack began while Jess was on maternity leave from nursing and now has turned into a full-time entrepreneurial business. Our goal is to reconnect people with nature and increase awareness of local plant life and how we can comfortably incorporate it into our everyday lives.  We care deeply about natural skin care + living, minimalism + traditional practices. We hope to help evoke an appetite for this lifestyle, a deeper awareness and appreciation for nature and the threads that connect us all within it.  

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Birch Paper Soap

Included in your Kit!

Handmade for you by Jessica!

Birch Paper Soap 2.jpg

Please note: Product availability dependent upon seasonal availability. Value of Burnout First Aid Kit will remain the same, products displayed may differ.

Birch Paper Soap.jpg
2022_06_lubdub_team headshots-025.jpg

Luz Alvizurez

Calgary, Alberta Canada

Luz founded Lubdub after years of creating apparel items for herself and the medical team she worked with. She has two degrees - a BSc in Biological Sciences and a BScN from the University of Calgary.

Luz was a NICU nurse at a Level 3 site for 12 years before taking Lubdub on full time in March of this year. She hopes to be right back there once the balance of Lubdub and NICU feels possible but is happy currently pouring her everything into the shop.


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Lanyard & Vinyl Stickers

Included in your Kit!

LubDub Lanyard 1" single break-away with detachable end.

Pack of 4 stickers for your mugs, laptops, and more!
Featuring the Capsule of Hearts, Lubdub Stethoscope, Anatomical Heart, Bear.


Dishwasher Safe, Weather-Proof, Scratch Resistant

creations by kim.JPG

Kim Armitage

Killam, Alberta Canada

Kim is a mom of three grown adults and recently enjoying my newest role of Grandma! Kim works full time as an RN and coming up on 34 years this year! Kim loves her profession, finding it both rewarding and challenging. 

Kim creates hand-poured soy and soy blend candles that are scented with essential oils, phthalate-free fragrance oil and plant based aromatics derived solely from natural, raw botanical sources. Kim is always looking for ways to recycle and repurpose saving items from ending up in the landfill.

Each Participant will receive a hand-poured soy based candle with either yule pine or birchwood pine scent!

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fizz bizz.jpg

Larissa McNabb
The Fizz Biz

Forestburg, Alberta Canada

Larissa has been a healthcare aide since 2013. In 2018 Larissa had her first baby & when it was time to go back to work she wanted to look for something more to fill her cup & make it easier to be home more while working casually. She searched & tried many things until 2021 when she began making bath bombs. She enjoys being able to create, make & share it with so many people! She continues to work casually in a Long Term Care facility as well as in Home Care, runs around making all the memories with her 2 kids & husband while trying to continue to grow her little business. Life is defiantly not dull or boring & that's just the way she likes it!   


Handmade for you by Larrisa!

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fizz bizz.jpg

Allyssa Mossestad

Highland Safety Training

Flagstaff County, Alberta Canada

Allyssa Mossestad has been working in the medical field since 2015. As a Primary Care Paramedic and firefighter, she has a wealth of on the job experience she translates into the classroom. She is currently certified to teach both levels of First Aid and CPR with St. John Ambulance and BLS with Heart & Stroke. When she is not teaching, she is working for Flagstaff Victim Services or she can be found volunteering with a variety of groups within Flagstaff County.

Did you know that our cognitive stack maxes at 18? No brain can hold more than that without errors starting to occur.  Lyssa loves using to-do lists and sticky notes to assist in the cognitive overload often experienced by HCPs. Participants will be gifted with custom post it notes and a pen from Lyssa!

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Brittany MacMillan

BAM Fitness

Hardisty, Alberta Canada

On top of being a mother, wife, trying to maintain hobbies and a life, I find myself in fitness. Moving my body recharges me and brings me back to my center. I have experienced burnout so much through my life in my corporate job as well as an entrepreneur. I'm excited to share with you just one way to help your body regulate the nervous system through breathing and movement. 


I have been a certified personal trainer since 2013, and in 2020 I decided to go all in on myself. I enjoy helping people feel confident again, building their bodies and releasing stress.

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Included in your kit!

Brittany has customized a Yoga Sequence for Health Care Workers, with Burnout and Compassion fatigue in mind. Brittany provides you with a safe space to let go, taking care of your WHOLE self - releasing physically, mentally and spiritually.


Thank you Brittany for this gift! Your compassion towards HCP's is truly felt through the journey you take us through in your sequence!


My Gift to You

The Lantern TL

After suffering from skin irritation for years, Twyla has created a toxin and chemical free hand lotion bar that soothes those tired, dry, and sensitive hands.


Handmade for you

Twyla has also created resiliency tools that have helped her over the years, including a Loving Kindness Practice cue card, Affirmations Bookmark, and guided audio recordings that can be found here.


Included in your Kit!

Keep on Shining!

Twyla Lehmann | The Lantern TL


Keep on Shining is a Gratitude Journal that Twyla wrote to help keep your light shining. This Journal is a tool to keep your thoughts positive, your mind clear, and your compass set. 

"it's not about perfect. It's about effort. And when you bring that effort every single day, that's where transformation happens. That's how change occur." - Jillian Michaels


All this and more!

HCPs Supporting HCPs no logo.png

As you can see, there are many people that care about you, that understand the hardship you have faced over the past years, and how you have endured. 

You are more than a hero, you are a warrior.

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