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The Full Story

Twyla’s passion for health care began at a young age – always wanting to become a nurse. She began work in an assisted living facility at the age of 12, and began working as a Care Aide at 14. After Graduating as Valedictorian Twyla pursued her interest in Nursing and enrolled in the fast-track program for her RN training at the University of Lethbridge to complete her degree in three and a half years. Twyla not only graduated with Honors with Great Distinction, but she also received a gold medal for the Highest Academic Achievement for the entire Health Sciences Faculty in 2013 graduating with her Registered Nursing, Bachelor of Nursing. With a decade of hands-on experience as a nurse she recognized health and wellbeing cannot be achieved single-handedly. It is a combination of the ENTIRE being - mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and environmental that must work together to achieve overall health and wellness. This led Twyla to completing Baccalaureate Board-Certified Holistic Nursing certification, extensive personal and professional development training, and specializing in health care worker education, with a specific focus and passion for Health Care Professional burnout and compassion fatigue.​


Through highly interactive workshops, keynotes, and presentations Twyla utilizes tools of positive psychology, holistic health, and connection to empower, transform, and inspire individuals, groups, and communities to achieve their highest potential.Twyla is a speaker, educator, and program coordinator for The Lantern TL whose aim is to empower, transform, and inspire individuals, groups, and communities for a better tomorrow.​


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